Ordering and lead times on Gorilla Playsets

As fall sets in, I wanted to share some pertinent information regarding lead times on Gorilla Playsets, and what to expect when ordering a playset.

Typically, the busiest part of the year runs from the months of April to September. During these months the typical wait time from when you, the customer orders a playset to when it is delivered can be up to 2 months. Yes, you read that right- 2 months.

Every vendor (including scottsswingset) that places orders for Gorilla Playsets does so with Playnation/Gorilla Playsets, which is located in Georgia. As many playsets consist of multiple large, heavy boxes- when your order is processed the proper boxes must be selected, put on a pallet and prepared to ship out. It is not like getting something delivered via Amazon prime, and there is no expedited delivery.

An easy way to get around this wait time is to order your Gorilla Playset when everyone else doesn't: in other words, don't wait until April to order. You will definitely be waiting as I alluded to earlier. I install year-round, and with the nice weather you can have your child/children playing on a new Gorilla Playset soon!