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Purchasing a service or product over the internet, from a person or company you don't know can be nerve wracking. I've read and heard stories to this effect. 

 From the very first playset I installed, to the many customers I have spoken with and assisted over the years I've been told one specific thing many times: "I wish everyone was as easy to deal with as Scott". I credit that mainly to my parents, and siblings who taught me the value of treating someone as you'd want them to treat you. Business dealings shouldn't be any different, and when you speak to me on the phone or via email you'll understand.

 Please click on any of the links below; these are but a few of the hundreds of positive compliments I have received over the yearsThese reviews not only reflect my work, but my character as well. You'll notice that some of the reviews are from families I have helped with advice- and not actual swingset installations- without any type of compensation.

 I have plenty of verifiable references, should you need any. To respect the privacy of my customers, I will not give out emails/phone numbers unless given permission to do so; so please- if you request a reference, allow time for a response.  

 An email I received from Kristin recently:

 It is always a great unknown when you have someone you don't know come to do work at your house.  I found Scott Williams on the website for Gorilla Playsets, and since we were purchasing a Gorilla set from Costco, I figured I would research him as an installer.  I spent quite a bit of time looking through his website, and was very impressed with both the pictures and the reviews from customers.  In fact, I was so impressed, I started wondering if the reviews were all real...that is, until I started speaking with Scott myself.  I spent a great deal of time e-mailing back and forth with Scott, and he answered every question I had both quickly and with great detail, and I could quickly see why his other customers were so happy with him.  We decided to go with him as an installer, and I cannot even begin to tell you how happy we are with that decision... it was truly one of the best decisions we, as homeowners, have ever made.

 From the moment Scott walked in our home, we were extremely comfortable with him.  He had an extremely down-to-earth and friendly personality, and got to work within a few minutes!  We were in awe of his organized approach in everything that he did, and he was the most polite, respectful, and friendly individual that we have ever worked with.  Most importantly, however, was his great attention to detail, and his true concern for the safety of our children.  He explained everything that he did, told us how to take care of our set, and assured us that we could contact him in the future for any questions or concerns.  A full day after the installation, we are still talking about how truly wonderful he was.  Even my Dad, who is quite the perfectionist and always analyzes the quality of any work done, was impressed beyond belief.  He, too, keeps saying what a nice guy Scott Williams is, and what a great job he did! As I mentioned previously, it is often very stressful hiring someone to come into your home, as you never know who you are going to get...  if everyone was like Scott Williams, it would be a breeze!  The set came out absolutely perfect, and our children have spent countless hours already enjoying it.   Thank you, Scott, for making our new house a home!

With Thanks,

Kristin Loeffler


Another recent review:


You are amazing!  I have to tell you that my wife and I were both hesitant to invite someone we didn't know to our home to install our playset, but you put both of us at ease!  You communicated clearly throughout the process, arrived exactly on time, and the installation went flawlessly.  Your expertise is well-founded (as I found you through gorilla playsets corporate website)  and your demeanor is second to none!  I was greatly appreciative of the information you provided on the playset as that helped me provide feedback to the manufacturer.  The finished product due largely to your thorough install is amazing, the children love it, and my wife and I are extremely happy we invested (intentional word usage) in your services.  I cannot imagine what the playset would look like had I foolishly tried to install it myself and am profoundly glad that we chose you instead!  I provided a review of the playset at which included a link to your website for installation services.  I cannot thank you enough for everything and wish you the best of luck in 2014 and beyond.





I have several hundred photos of playsets I have installed, both at the links above and on social media. It would be impossible for me to post them all; here are a few.