Gorilla Playsets Empire Extreme Swing Set

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Gorilla Playsets Empire Extreme Swing Set

Coming off the front most, 4 foot high main deck is one of the coolest features of the set - the clatter bridge. Kids love crossing the clatter bridge to go from tower to tower! Off the clatter bridge we have the 4 foot high wiki wave slide. Next to the clatter bridge, off the front of the main deck, is a safety step ladder.

The front most main deck is 3' x 6', and the middle main deck is fairly large at 4' x 6'. These decks come with a steering wheel, tic tac toe board, solar lights and a telescope. The rear deck is 2.5' x 6'. The extra tower attached to the clatterbidge is 2.5' x 2.5'.

Coming off the side of the front most main deck are monkey bars. Off the side of the middle deck is a rockwall with climbing rope. Underneath the middle main deck we have an area for a sandbox along with a half picnic table.

Another totally awesome feature of the Empire Extreme is the second, higher deck attached to the back of the main middle deck. There is a ladder from the main deck to the higher deck your children can climb up. From here, they have the large, 7' high Radical Ride tube slide AND the 14' long super scoop slide going down from 7 feet high. Kids go crazy for these two slides!

The green material covering the supporting beams of the deck and the swing beam is a material called Timbershield. Timbershield is a thick, green polyethylene casing that shields the wood from weather - making the wood virtually maintenance free.

You can also see a massive 4" x 6" wooden swing beam with iron swing hangers that are bolted completely through the 6 inch swing beams with locking carriage bolts. These make Gorilla swing beams extremely sturdy and virtually unbreakable.

This set comes standard with 2 belt swings and a 1 trapeze bar. The Empire Extreme comes in Cedar, it has a 4 foot high front most deck, a 5 foot high middle main deck, a 7 foot deck with a square base and an extra 4' high tower. 

Please inquire with Scott about how to receive up to a $500. installation discount on this set. Yes- $500.!!